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Our Story

Ever since I was a child I always loved animals. My Grandad used to take me to feed the horses where we lived. He showed me how to keep my thumb in so I wouldn't get bitten! He also used to make animals for the garden out of cement. I remember helping him make them in the garage then painting them before full assembly in the front garden.

From that point, my love for animals was well and truly cemented! As a family we owned birds and rabbits whilst I lived at home with my parents, but once I had my own property, my love of dogs began.

Like most people I didn’t really have much of a clue with my first dog. We didn’t google in them days and i wouldn’t have known what was safe for dogs or signs of illness or how to treat something myself, it was always a trip to the vet before anything else.

When I brought my first dog home, Monty the Bulldog, I was smitten. I learnt a lot from the breeder initially and the rest from trial and error with different products, building my knowledge, from ear infections, interdigital cysts, skin and coat health, digestive issues to allergies and food intolerance's.

So when I got my next Bulldog Woody I knew exactly what worked and what didn’t. After years of wasting thousands of pounds in dog health products that didn't work, and toys that were demolished in 2.5 seconds, or food that wasn't right for certain breeds, I wanted to help people with their dogs and hopefully stop them spending so much money on products that don’t work or caused health issues.

That's when Woodys K9 Pet Supplies was created! I didn't want to be like all pet stores who offer 6 different ear solutions for a dogs fungal ear infection, I wanted to sell one or 2 that actually works instead of going back week after week buying another one, all for the next one not to work, its distressing for the dog and owner.

Woody has kindly tested most products and some toys, unfortunately some just didn’t make the grade for a power chewer, however our mission is to keep sourcing the very best products at the very best prices. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram to see all our new products as they are launched.


Sheryl & Woody

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